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Carter Hargrave Jeet Kune Do is known as the way of the intercepting fist or JKD

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Carter Hargrave has been an original Jeet Kune Do instructor for over twenty years. Original Jeet Kune Do teachers as they are referred to teach exclusively the art of Bruce Lee the way he taught it. Meaning they try to teach the same moves that Bruce Lee taught at his three schools during his lifetime. In Jeet Kune Do or JKD for short, there are basically two distinct methods of teaching or curriculum.

You have the original as already discussed, and you have what is called the concepts or concept JKD. What the concepts are is mainly the Fillipino martial arts with some of Bruce Lee techniques (although not required) included to make the system or concept.

The concept version relies heavily on the philosophy of combat in that it stresses that JKD is not a style or system, even though during his life Lee did so on many occasions. Which one you wish to train in is up to the individual as they are both quality martial arts in and of themselves.

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Carter Hargrave followed his goal that was to bring the teachings of Bruce Lee to the masses. Bruce Lee was the founder of Jeet Kune Do, but this art had few teachers ever since it appeared. It was almost on the verge of extinction at some point because it was basically unknown and one could only find one of the few teachers by word of mouth. Carter Hargrave was taught by an Original Bruce Lee School student, so this makes him a second generation teacher. By founding the Jeet Kune Do Federation he succeeded in promoting this almost lost art. When the Jeet Kune Do Federation was formed there was less than 50 instructors worldwide teaching Jeet Kune Do part time.
This Jeet Kune Do Association was formed to organize the art and bring the curriculum together in one place for the first time in the original Jeet Kune Do Training Manual, and to make public the until then secretive and elusive original system founded by Lee.

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